Picture Gallery – Making of Knitting4Peace Project

Have fun watching the pics! Should you want to use them – read the copyright note at the end!

Copyright notice:

All pictures in this post are mine with “some rights reserved” – applicable license is Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC). For reference see Wikipedia.

In short: You can use all my pics BUT on condition that the picture is attributed to me (Anna Maria Nitthaeck) and it is not used for commercial purposes. However, if you are a media organisation and want to use it, feel free, but please contact me before or after, since I would like a hard copy of printed media or a link if online published. Everybody else interested in using the pic to sell something – drop me an email and we will see.

About Nitthaeck

I am an East German textile artist, fascinated by guerilla knitting, yarn boming - always trying to beautify the urban landscape with knitting and crochet in bright colours. I love to make people smile. I love to make the environment a nicer place - at least to look at.
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