Random Acts of Knitting is inspired by Random Acts of Kindness. According to Wikipedia: “A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people.”

I am Anna Maria Nitthaeck, a German textile artist, who enjoys guerilla knitting (other names: yarn bombing, yarn storming, knit grafitty, knithacking). Guerilla knitting refers to usually anonymously created pieces of art, made in knitting or crochet and attached to structures in the urban landscape or nature. Typical targets for guerilla knitting are trees (so called “tree cozys”), lamp or sign posts, bicycle racks, benches, hand rails, sculptures, but also bigger structures and architecture such as phone booths, bridges, busses, houses and even pot holes.

Why do guerilla knitters do this? Like for all kinds of art the reasons for creating them, vary. Some are just meant to beautify the urban landscape, others have a political meaning or another mission behind. In all cases, its a kind of art that is non destructive (other than the usual graffiti), it aims at reclaiming our environment (especially urban space) and it is also a symbol for a typical female craft.

In this blog I will report about my guerilla knitting projects – but maybe also about other guerilla knitting artists.

You can follow me at twitter (@Nitthaeck) or see pictures of my work at twitpic.

See here or here or here for cool pic collections of yarn storming.

Copyright notice:

All pictures are “some rights reserved” – applicable license is Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC). For reference see Wikipedia.

In short: You can use the pics BUT on condition that the picture is attributed to me (Anna Maria Nitthaeck) and it is not used for commercial purposes (if you are a media organisation and want to use it – or anybody else interesting in using the pic to sell something – drop me an email and we will see).


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